Work related to garbage and snow removal

During construction work, the removal of soil and garbage is carried out at almost each of the stages of the construction of buildings. The initial stage of construction work is associated with the need to export land soil, because initially the lands are always especially much.

The soil that remains of the work related to the digging of the foundation of the pit is located on the site of the construction site. Therefore, it is important to take it out, since it may contain substances that are dangerous to human health: a small amount of mercury, potassium cyanide and other dangerous chemical compounds.

In order for work to clean the construction site to be carried out efficiently and in compliance with all safety standards, it is better to contact specialists who dispose of soil and construction garbage to a specially designed place.

Specialists of the licensed company will do all the necessary work, observing the requirements for the removal of waste. Modern equipment and professionalism of employees will help to quickly load and take out unnecessary construction garbage from a construction site to specially designated places.

Snow removal

The snow that has fallen is particularly delighted in children, and care in adults. Cleaning the territory from precipitation becomes one of the primary tasks in winter for organizations and individuals, when people begin to fall, transport – axle.

Do not puzzle of how and where to remove the precipitation in the form of snow unexpectedly, order its export in the company Trans-Service. She will quickly come to your aid, because this is one of her specializations. The company has all the necessary equipment and special equipment for cleaning and removing snow.

Work related to the removal of snow do not have a strictly fixed payment. This is due to the specific working conditions. For example, a container can affect the cost, it can be small, medium and large, on which the amount of loading depends on. In addition, the distance to which snow will be taken is taken into account.

You can order snow removal at any time on the site.

The advantages of the company

It offers a wide range of services that many organizations and private individuals are necessary;

Cooperation with her will bring you confidence as work that experts will perform in a short time;

Trans-Service employees respectfully and carefully listen to the wishes of each of the customers, do their work in a short time, as a result of which you will be satisfied with cooperation.

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