Cold galvanizing.

Cold galvanizing. PROSTO MASTER

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Cold galvanizing.

Cold galvanizing is a quick and simplified method of galvanizing the surface of metal products or structures, which is to apply to the metal surface zinc-rich paints with a brush, roller, spraying or dipping. Thanks to such processing metal products get full anticorrosive protection very little different from the protective zinc coating obtained by conventional methods of galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing. Herewith the prices for cold galvanizing are more than acceptable. Cold galvanizing has become an alternative to these time-consuming and complex processes.

The advantages of this method are in the simplicity of painting works, resulting in a protective coating of the metalwork. In this case, such products are perfectly amenable to welding, and the protective layer does not affect the quality of a weld.

The composition for cold galvanizing is two-component and consists of highly dispersed zinc powder and binder liquid component, which is available in special packages. The optimum mixing of the components have the following proportions: 1:1 and 3:1, the standards which are reflected in the technical documentation for the zinc coating.

Cold dip galvanizing of metal products and structures provides:

excellent corrosion protection for a long period of exploitation;

The ability to self-repair minor damage to the coating:

environmental friendliness of the material;

no formation of underlay corrosion.

The cold galvanizing method is used at temperatures from 0 degrees up to +40 degrees, such coating is resistant to adverse climatic conditions, is not exposed to water environment of different compositions, and oil products. Thanks to their non-toxic properties metal tanks can be used in drinking and hot water supply, in granaries and for storage of other bulk products, for alcohol storage at temperatures from – 50 to + 150 degrees.

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