In Colombia, they sell cars of the Soviet automobile industry

In Colombia, they sell a bright red Soviet “Niva” of 1981. For a 39-year-old car that has traveled more than 250 thousand kilometers, and at the same time has preserved almost its original appearance, the owner asks for 35 million Colombian pesos – more than half a million rubles.

The dirtiest “Field” was washed to a shine to sell for one ruble

From the announcement posted on Facebook, it follows that the car put up for sale is one of the first two copies of the “Niva” that ended up in Colombia. The author of the publication assures that, despite the impressive mileage, the SUV has retained 90 percent of the original parts. The “Niva” is driven by a 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 75 horsepower, which is combined with a four-speed gearbox.

The body and interior are in excellent condition. The SUV is shod in Limacaucho 6.50×16 Super Jeep 6 lonas tires and has special blue license plates, which in Colombia are hung only on classic cars. Together with the SUV, the future owner will receive an original repair kit with a jack, a flashlight and a pump.

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