Windows care. Useful tips and recommendations

The characteristics of wooden windows, in particular, durability and attractive appearance, will depend not only on the quality of the products, but also on the correct, as well as timely care for them. Do not forget that the protective paintwork can gradually disappear. There are a lot of reasons for this:

Weather factors (strong wind, rain, hail, etc.).

Ultraviolet radiation.

Practice shows that the windows overlooking the south side are considered the most vulnerable. They are the most quickly deformed and cease to perform their protective functions.

Cleaning from dirt

When planning to clean windows from all kinds of pollution, it is important to consider that organic solvents cannot be used for this. In addition, the prohibition is the means in which acids are present, as well as abrasive substances.

The optimal solution is considered special tools that are intended to care for wooden furniture. They have a mild effect on the surface of the material, do not deform it and do not destroy the structure. After completing such cleaning, it is recommended to additionally process the surface using polishing compositions.

Furniture care

Do you want the windows to serve you for a long time? So, it is important to control the normal state and performance of accessories. To do this, it is necessary to regularly lubricate movable parts using sewing oil. It is desirable to do it once or twice a year. Lubricate loops in the warm season. Also, once every couple of years, it is worth regulating and diagnosing the mechanisms of window fittings. If you are scared away by a large number of necessary work, then you can order windows made from PVC. They are considered simpler in everyday care. They are enough to lubricate them every few years.

Care for the seal

It is important to ensure that the seal always remains elastic. To do this, it must be checked for the presence of visible defects. It is recommended to clean the product about once a year. For these purposes, ordinary soap solution is suitable.

Having completed cleaning, the product should dry a little. Do not allow painting seals. This will lead to their speedy destruction. To replace these parts should be about once every five to seven years.

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