Which bathroom to choose

The bathroom has long been not only a place where the necessary hygiene procedures are performed, but also a place where you can relax. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the question of choosing a bathroom thoroughly. Today, steel, cast iron and acrylic are represented on the market. If you want to order the construction of a slab foundation in Moscow, we advise you to contact the Baubild company.

Steel bathrooms are the cheapest option, but in addition to cheapness, they have other advantages. They are much lighter than cast -iron, if the thickness of the walls is 3 mm, then the weight is approximately 30 kg. Such bathrooms are much stronger than acrylic, even given all kinds of forms. The enamel on them also to lie excellent and at first glance to distinguish the cast -iron and steel baths is impossible. Along with advantages, there are, of course, disadvantages. The first inconvenience can be attributed to high heat transfer, which in turn leads to rapid cooling of water. An important factor is a fairly large noise when filling the bathroom with water. When choosing such a bathroom, it is also necessary to take into account the thickness of its walls so that it does not bend under the weight of a person.

The cast -iron bathroom has been familiar from those times when there were no special alternatives. The main advantage is durability, also a low heat transfer should also be attributed to the pluses: the bathroom heats up for a long time, but the water will remain hot for a long time. The disadvantages are, first of all, to attribute weight, about 120 kg and this, despite all modern technologies that allow you to facilitate its weight. The form can only be rectangular due to the fact that it is quite problematic to create any intricate figure from cast iron.

The most popular are vanity from acrylic. By and large, this is a specially strengthened plastic, the strengthening is necessary that the bathroom does not bend under the thickness of the water. Most often it is chosen due to the fact that it is quite light, as well as such baths are represented by a fairly wide variety of forms. On the other hand, you should pay attention to too many winding lines: high -quality plastic is difficult to external influences. The heat transfer of such baths is even better than that of cast -iron, as for strength, you should choose those at the base of which a metal mesh is installed. It should be remembered that the surface of the bath can be very easily damaged, on the other hand, small scratches can be removed with sandpaper.

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