When electric heating is the best option

Gas has not yet been carried out in many country houses, so the process of heating in the cold period becomes quite problematic. Dry fuel must be constantly placed, and the gas from the cylinders is delivered in a timely manner, or to make a gas storage with a large volume next to the house, which is also explosive if you or your guests like to smoke.

However, if your house is qualitatively insulated, and all sources of cold (“cold bridges”) are found and disarmed, then the house can be considered energy -efficient, which means it is most economical to heated by not imported gas or solid fuel, but electricity.

Modern electric heating systems are fireproof, and their installation is calculated so that heating costs are minimal. Well, the use of automatic control of the temperature in the room (when there is no one in the house, the temperature can be kept minimal, and before returning, applying to the command and by your arrival the house will again become warm and comfortable.

In private houses, especially on the ground floor, and if the house has small children, it is very convenient to use warm floors. When using them, the room temperature does not depend on where the child is, near the window or away from it. It is the same everywhere. Well, the floors are warm, of course. In addition, the child will not burn, he will not hit an electric heater, since he may not be in the room at all.

Warm floors save 5-10% of money for heating, so their use not only increases comfort, but also profitable.

Electric heating is designed depending on the mass of parameters. This is the material of the walls, their thickness, and the volume of air in the room, and from the ventilation system. You can heat the premises with an electric convector window or floor (it is built into the floor, so it does not take up room in the room). The convector must be chosen not only by power, but also taking into account the width of the window – their width should be the same.

The floor convector can be installed in the doorway so that the air that comes from the colder room (hallway, for example) is heated right at the entrance to the room.

Also, the floor convector can be installed in the bathroom, if there is no desire to completely open the floors for the equipment of the warm floor.

Heat in the house can be carried out with minimal cash and temporary losses, if everything is true, calculate everything for sure.

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