What new cars are being sold in Colombia

In total, 262,600 cars were sold on the Colombian market in 2022. What can you find out from the statistics of car sales in Colombia in 2022? Let’s look at the leading brands in sales in 2022.

Renault cars are the leader in the Colombian automotive market in 2022. Thanks to the trust of customers in the brand, Renault vehicles were sold in the amount of 49,427 units. In addition to this brand, Chevrolet (41,082 cars), Toyota (25,659 cars), Suzuki (21,589 cars) and Kia (19,065 cars) entered the TOP 5.

Renault Sandero cars became the best-selling models in Colombia in 2022. In 2022, 15,869 Renault Sandero cars were sold. In second place are Renault Duster cars with an indicator of 13,208 cars. Also in the TOP 5 were such cars as Suzuki Swift (12,033 cars), Kia Picanto (11,576 cars), Chevrolet Onix (10,126 cars).

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