What is the secret of quality wedding dresses?

Choosing a wedding dress, the first thing to pay attention to appearance. Women love beauty, and there is nothing wrong with it. But the commercial look is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to an outfit you only wear once in your life, and then you wear it all day long!

This article will be relevant as future brides who dream of the perfect dress in all senses of the word, and for the novice owners of wedding salons who have decided to make a wholesale order of wedding dresses for their salon for the first time. The experienced have already know a lot about it, though sometimes they turn a blind eye to it, but that’s a topic for another article.

Fabric quality

We all know there’s nothing better than natural fabric. First, it will be comfortable to walk around all day, unlike synthetics. And secondly, synthetics is just a mauvais ton in our time, but we want to look elegant.  Although, there is a nuance.  All-natural fabric can be a problem, too. Since it simply will be very crumpled from every touch. So a little bit of synthetics is just necessary. After all, it can save the look of your outfit. But such a mixture should not be more than 15%, and in general 5% is enough.


Its presence in principle, is not even a question. It has to be. Moreover, the dress should have not only the main outer skirt and podyubnik, but between them still have to go from 2 to 10 layers of dense tulle. It’s the tulle that will create and hold the shape of the skirt of your dress. If there are enough of its layers, in some cases, you can not even resort to putting on rings, which will create additional volume of your dress. But if your dress lacks this saving layer, and you also wear rings, all their relief will be imprinted on the outside, covered only by the top skirt. And it will give the dress no less cheapness than a blatantly synthetic fabric.

The quality of the corset

I want to point out right away that the corset is the foundation of the dress. It is he who sets the tone of the whole dress. On how it sits on you, how it shapes your silhouette will depend on whether or not the dress adorns you. Remember, every girl probably had such moments in life when you put on a painfully favorite dress and it does not look as we would like to, not as we originally imagined. And sometimes it’s not about the fact that the dress “does not fit your face”, but about its landing on your figure. It gives the impression that this is not your dress. Although, it may simply be a matter of incorrect notches, and hence the defects of fit.

In addition to fit, the corset should pay attention to the quality of seams. They all have to be stitched evenly with inside tucks. Nowhere, remember, nowhere anything should not come out or stick out. If there is such a thing, and you’re told that it should be – run from the salon! It is also desirable that the corset has a so-called corset holder. It’s a special elastic band that looks like a wide elastic band. It comes from the dock seams of the corset and fastens on the separate, independent of the corset itself locks on the back. A corset holder is designed to prevent the bodice of the dress from slipping down, if the dress does not have straps.

I hope you will find my little tips helpful. And it does not matter how you’ll use them, as a wholesaler who chose the manufacturer of wedding dresses in Ukraine, and decided to order the goods from him, or a bride who dreams that one of the most fabulous days to be on top. Good luck with your choice!

Author: Belchenko Catherine

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