What is the difference between a house from a cottage

What is a house and a cottage

The house has several definitions. A similar word is even called an ethnic group. This indicates the importance of this structure. A person at all times felt the need for a house. All rulers and influential people always owned the best houses and sat at the most honorable place at the family hearth. Over time, the circle of skills, knowledge, as well as the material from which the houses were made, expanded, and the dwellings became more reliable, more comfortable and more comfortable.

Cottage – one -story, and more often a half -story house. The second floor for this structure is usually the attic. The cottage built according to all canons should be equipped with the front, as well as the back room. In this regard, it resembles ancient Russian five -walled houses. Each classic cottage without fail has a miniature personal plot. Many cottages are built so that they become an integral element of the country landscape and organically fit into local landscapes. However, it is not forbidden to build cottages in the city. The most popular and suitable building material for cottages in Yaroslavl is a brick, as well as natural stone or wood. The interior of such structures is usually performed in a rustic or ethnic style. However, many modern cottages are often created from innovative materials in the form of foam concrete, cinder blocks, and t. D. The second floor of the cottage is diverted under the bedroom. On the ground floor, the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bathroom, boiler room are most often placed. The underground floor is usually equipped for a garage.

Comparative characteristics of the house and cottage

The most significant difference between the house and the cottage are dimensions. The cottage has a much larger area. By modern standards, the cottage should have at least a hundred squares, and better – five hundred. If the owner waved to a more grandiose construction, then he should know that as a result he will receive a cottage, but a real estate.

The exterior of the cottage is distinguished by grace and originality, which cannot be said about an ordinary house. All engineering systems are most often placed inside the structure. The cottage also attracts ennobled personalities, for the arrangement of which it is customary to invite professional landscape designers today.

You should know that all the differences between these two real estate objects are very conditional. If you call the “cottage” “home”, then there will be no big mistake.

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