We update the interior of the children’s room

In the apartment, a special room is a children’s room, it is a special and its own world in which he plays, learns and grows at the same time. And how you relate to the design of the interior of the room, and the child’s mood will depend, his attitude to people around them, life, his self -esteem, the interior determines well -being and its development.

How to renew inexpensively and quickly a children’s room for the baby? Many parents are faced with such a task, simply put, to make full repairs, and there is also desire, but the interior still needs to be updated. To fulfill this goal, there are several simple ways that do not require large family costs.

Under the option No. 1, you can consider partial reversal of wallpaper.

In the children’s room, one wall should be accepted. Pushing the wallpaper on it. They should be combined in color scheme or tone to the old. It would be nice to choose new stripes or cage wallpaper. An interesting solution may be – photo printing applied to the wallpaper. In the printing house, on wallpapers to order a seal of any image. A unique personality in the nursery will give a unique photo printing.

Option No. 2 provides for updating furniture and interior accessories.

A good solution will be if you add to children’s, new furniture. Buy, for example, a fur chair. New furniture should be harmonious by color, with any in the interior, detail, the same shade. Hang a sea bell, helm, put a floor lamp, buy an unusual shelf of a creative shape, throw a children’s carpet with an extraordinary pattern on the floor and change the chandelier. All details purchased in the room should be combined and filled with a single idea.

Under No. 3, you can consider the replacement of textiles in the room.

Textiles should be changed in the room comprehensively. This does not mean replacing only the bedspread or curtains, but to fully purchase the kit. Pillows, bedspread, curtains, as well as upholstery for a chair or sofa, as well as for a children’s chair, all of them should be in the same style and from one material.

Convert the interior with stickers, can be an option under number 4.

You need to apply stickers not only on the wall, but also on the windows, furniture and even the ceiling. It is best to put them in a chaotic manner, but to fantasize any system or idea for yourself. Buy, for example, stickers with famous fairy -tale characters or let there be only cats. So that you do not create, such stickers will help you in the nursery create a fabulous space.

The fifth option would be to update the interior with several photos within the framework. A simple way, quickly and inexpensively updates your interior – it is worth adding to the nursery 6 photos with thematic collections, abstract images (for example, urban city landscape or cars). It is advisable to purchase frames from one series so that they are not motley. If the children’s room is filled with many bright colors, then the interior must be filled with multi -colored frames in the tone of the already available gamut.  Do not neglect the visit of the exhibition gallery and the purchase of paintings if they like your child. It is advisable to choose calm stories, still lifes, forest plots.

A room for a child is a flight of imagination. Do not forbid children to leave drawings on the walls, consolidate the sheets of Watman for this in the lower part of the wall and let the child enjoy the creative process. The room will be transformed instantly, and for the child it will be the limit of joy. Decorate the walls with pictures or applications that were made with your own hand.

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