Video intercoms with a record and a motion sensor

If earlier there were simple intercoms on guard of our houses, which could only provide a selective connection with terrible sound quality, now increasingly advanced models come to the guard of our safety. Developers and manufacturers improve existing devices every day, introducing all new functions and useful additional opportunities.

So the modern intercom is increasingly equipped with a screen that translates the image from external cameras. This allows you to track all potential visitors, see their accompanying and the situation in front of the front door in principle. Science stepped further and invented video intercoms with a motion sensor.

Video intercoms with a record and a motion sensor

A feature of this type of intercom is that they are specially equipped with a motion sensor. He reacts to the presence of moving objects in the monitoring zone. Having discovered movement in the required zone, the system automatically begins to recording a video image.

This may be useful in case of proceeding of any incidents or unpleasant situations. The installation of several chambers simultaneously will increase the viewing angle, and the presence of a built -in infrared spotlight makes it possible to remove and distinguish objects even in the dark in the conditions of poor illumination.

The presence of a sensor allows you not to use a video intercom with a recording around the clock, but to turn on the camera exactly when it is necessary. In turn, this use of the device will save a place on the medium of information, avoid a large number of unnecessary videos and save electricity to work the device.

A video intercom with a record is usually equipped with a large monitor, which allows you to carefully view all the shot material. At the request of housing owners, it is possible to connect to the intercom via the Internet and remotely monitor the situation around the house or view the old notes of movements within the radius of the sensor.

Video intercoms with a motion sensor allow you to protect yourself and your family from penetrating unauthorized persons into the house, to trace the situation on the street immediately before entering the house. In the catalog of “Door-Photo. “You can always choose for yourself one of the most convenient options for an intercom with a recording and a built -in movement sensor to always be aware of what is happening!

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