Vibropress Rifey-Ra: High quality and performance

Rifey machines line are the latest development of the Stroytechnics plant. One of the most popular models-reefei-rais-these are all ideas laid down in the previous machine Rife-UNIVERSAL, which have been further developed.

This model of the machine is a high -tech and productive vibropress, with which you can make a wide range of such small -piece products made of concrete as borders, wall blocks, heat units, paving stones, as well as brick and much more.

The main advantages of the Rifey-RAM machine are in:

high performance of the mechanism. For his work cycle, he produces a large volume of border stone, paving stones or hollow stones. The shape of the molding of products at the machine is less than a minute;

quick payback of equipment. It is beneficial for small businesses to purchase such machines, since their payback period is about six months;

convenience and ease of operation, ease of installation and maintenance. Vibropress control does not imply a high qualification from a master of availability;

durability. In the process of manufacturing machines, hydraulic equipment is used from the best European manufacturers, characterized by high quality;

maintainability. All nodes and aggregates of vibration presses are easily and simply versed. The same type of components for this equipment are always available for purchase;

high quality products, which meets generally accepted standards.

VibroPress is used for the production of materials in demand in the construction of materials as full -bodied and hollow stones, regulations and facing panels, borders, paving slabs, lawn gratings.

The modern design of the Rife-RAM machine ensures the production of high-quality concrete products. It includes:


electric shield;




pallet supply module;

Oil station.

These are all the necessary units that provide the organization of autonomous production of a wide range of construction products.

It is worth noting that the Rifey-RAM machine is the best choice for small and medium-sized businesses in terms of price-quality ratio with fairly high performance. This equipment has different equipment, namely: a concrete mixer with a high volume of 350 liters and 550 liters.

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