US presidential elections in 2024: a source of reliable information

The presidential election in the United States is an event that affects the internal life of the country and international relations. This procedure has many features that are worth knowing in order to understand all the vicissitudes. The resource covering United States Еlections 2024 will help with this.

Process Features

Any US citizen by birthright can nominate himself as a candidate for the presidency. In other words, persons born in other countries who first acquired one citizenship and then became American are not eligible to vote. The candidate’s age is limited; he must be at least 35 years old and have lived in the country for the last 14 years.

Among the main candidates there are representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties. However, anyone can be nominated if they can collect $5,000 for the election fund. Then, within 15 days, an application is submitted to the election commission.

But as practice shows, it is impossible to obtain voter approval outside the main parties. Even billionaires who tried to participate in the campaign on their own abandoned the race due to low levels of popularity among voters.

Among the main Democratic candidates are current President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Among the Republicans, Donald Trump, Robert DeSantis, and Nikki Haley stand out.

Election Day in the United States is traditionally the first Tuesday of November, which in 2024 falls on the 5th.

Features of the resource

All these conditions, candidates’ programs and other information are published on the site dedicated to the nomination of candidates and news related to the electoral process. The web resource objectively and comprehensively covers events that may affect the personalities of candidates and influence the mood of the electorate. All the merits and demerits of each person running for president are indicated.

On the site you can find information about the previous presidential campaign, see how each state voted, and how many electoral votes it has. It should be taken into account that the election procedure in the United States is two-stage: first, states indicate their preferences for a candidate, then a certain number of electors vote for the specific person who received the most votes in the state. Electors may vote for the loser of a state, or the vote may be split, but these are exceptions to the rule.

The 2024 elections promise intense competition and unpredictable results.

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