Types of welding equipment

Welding equipment is used to welding metal structures of various types, size and configuration. The safety precautions of welding work and their quality largely depend on this equipment. Find out in detail what types of welding equipment are here, you can here.

These include:

devices designed for arc welding, which are otherwise called mma. This equipment is used for manual welding using electrodes;

semi -automatic devices operating on active or inert gas (welding with electrodes);

plasma cutting equipment, with which thick metal structures are processed;

Spotters that are used for point welding.

One of the most popular types of equipment is an arched device. It is currently used both in everyday life and in the industrial sphere.

Welding on this device is carried out under a high temperature using electrodes. Off for arc welding allows you to form a reliable and durable welding seam by melting metal and electrode. With the help of this method, metal structures made of stainless steel, aluminum and a number of alloys are welded.

In the modern market, such arc welding devices are known as:

installation operating on direct current, which is used to welding stainless steel products;

installation operating on alternating current, which turns alternating current into constant. Using this equipment, carbon steel products are processed;

Combined devices that can function on alternating and direct current.

Welding semiautomatic devices – here is another very common welding equipment that is widely used in various automobile and car services. Using these devices, stainless steel and aluminum are welded.

The following welding semiautomatic devices are present in the modern market:

devices with powder wire (without gas);

Devices with electrode wire (with gas).

It is worth noting that the welding semiautomatic devices have a fairly simple design. Moreover, they are very practical, reliable and easy to use. The composition of such equipment includes a current source, hoses, cables, a welding burner and a special wire supply mechanism.

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