Types of wallpaper: Brief educational program

The most popular, of course, includes paper -based wallpaper. As experts say, this is a classic solution. Currently, such wallpapers are made from a natural basis, so we can talk about the environmental harmlessness of the material. Wall “clothing” is used in dry rooms that do not differ in striking temperature changes. The main disadvantage of paper wallpapers is fragility: the canvases are easily torn, crush, burn out.

A more durable alternative to paper are vinyl wallpapers. Vinyl canvases, which makes them universal finishing material for pasting baths, kitchens, hallways. In fairness, we note the lack of vinyl. This is the lack of air circulation.

Acrylic wallpaper less wear -resistant and waterproof. It is not recommended to issue kitchen and bathrooms with them.

Structural wallpapers are glued under painting. This group of wallpaper includes vinyl, made on a non -woven or paper basis. Such canvases are quite durable and durable. Their main advantage is reusability. That is, you can repaint the base several times.

Non -woven wallpaper also differ in durability and a peculiar way of applying to the surface. The canvases do not need to be impregnated with glue, the substance is applied to the wall, and the wallpaper is applied and leveled.

The trend of the last two years is considered textile textured wallpaper. They allow you to create home comfort, an exclusive interior, a high -quality heat layer – and sound insulation. Nevertheless, textile absorbs smells, dust, moisture.

Fiberglass wallpaper also allow you to apply paint many times, and the texture and pattern do not lose their original form. The surface can be washed with a brush due to a solid surface coating.

Metallized wallpaper can be safely attributed to the most expensive. The material has a plain smooth surface, which is decorated with silver, gold or bronze paint. High sound insulation, strength and durability – these are the main advantages of metallized wallpaper.

Exotic lovers will amaze the choice of wallpaper from a natural basis. These are bamboo, reed, algae, jute wallpaper. They are very popular in China and Japan, South Korea. The distinctive features of such natural paintings are antibacterial properties, good sound insulation.

You can find out about the wallpaper of different types on the site, in the same place you can familiarize yourself with the manufacturers.

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