Types of soils

The primer can be not only a special paint mixture, but also the paint itself, which is generously diluted with a solvent. At the same time, it is also worth immediately noting that such the use of paint cannot be considered economical, and in the preparation of metal surfaces in general it is a meaningless occupation. Typically, specialized primers are used for this, which contain quite cheap pigments, while they are not so expensive against the background of paints. Especially this applies in highly professional materials. From their external basic differences, it is worth noting higher fluidity, they are more liquid and less viscous, unlike paints, while they create a matte surface, which allows you to perfectly express the subsequent coating. Therefore, it is worth considering in more detail the distinctive types of soils. Alkyd primer, this is recognized by all experts the best primer that can be applied to wood, especially raw. As a result of this, the surface is ideal in structure, which is ideal for the use and application of other finishing coatings. Too pigmented, special alkyd primer is also actively used, which, as a result of the use and application as a whole, preserves and enhances the depth of the upper color. As for the drying time, everything is quite clearly and prosaic-10-16 hours, depending on the tree and the complexity of the surface on which this primer was applied. For such primers, there is only one restriction, this coating of gypsum and plaster surfaces is better not to produce, since on such surfaces Alkida cause increased villus, which spoils completely appearance, if this, of course, is not conceived in design.

If we consider the emulsion or acrylic primer, then it can freely apply on absolutely any coating on fresh and even old and plaster, as well as in concrete, as well as the cement and wood sphere of its use, can serve as asbestos, fiberboard, chipboard, chipboard , brick and so on. Its consumer qualities are very attractive. The only restriction for this primer is the inability to apply it to ferrous metals, more precisely, it is simply pointless, since rusty spots will appear on the primer over time. For this there are special primers for metal, they are on a zinc basis, which allows them to have anti -corrosion properties.

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