Types of heating systems.

Varieties of heating systems.

People have long been worried about the problem of heating housing. A person always tried to maintain comfort and warmth in his home, be it a hut, shack, palace or apartment in a multi-storey building. We feel comfort and comfort when the house is warm.

The heating system of Soviet times, as well as all the housing and communal services in our country, has long outlived itself, since it was outdated and worn out. And if you take into account the geographical position of our latitudes, the problem of heating in the winter becomes relevant, especially when it comes to country houses and cottages.

Today, the choice of heating systems is quite wide and everyone can find a suitable option for their home. Heating systems by type of coolant are divided into gas, water and air.

The water heating system is considered the most common. It operates using heat generators (boilers). This heating system works on fuel such as: diesel fuel, gas, coal, wood, central or alternative power supply. The advantage of the water heating system consists in its easy adaptation to almost all options for country houses. If the correct design and installation is carried out, as well as the isolation of the joints of the PPU pipes is performed qualitatively

In the heating main, the result is a comfortable, easily controlled, and possibly fully automated heating system.

Air heating systems are divided into gravitational and fan – it all depends on the method of circulation of the coolant. The principle of the operation of this heating system is such – a dwelling or production premises is heated due to warm air from the air heater, which is connected to the air duct system. The air heater evenly and quickly distributes heat over all rooms and cleanses the air. Of the main advantages of this heating system, one can distinguish: economy, as well as a combination of different functions – heating, central air conditioning, ventilation, hydration and air purification.

The basis of gas heating is the use of fuel gas as a fuel, and heating devices inside which gas are burned are installed in heated rooms. This type of heating is considered the cheapest and is great for country houses. When using autonomous heating systems, the cost of generating thermal energy is much less than in the conditions of the use of diesel fuel or electricity.

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