Types of glazing balcony

When a person wants to warm his apartment, he chooses a service such as replacing the glazing of the balcony. This move allows you to make the room even more comfortable and cozy.

Two types of glazing are fundamentally different: cold and warm and there is a significant difference between them. Cold glazing involves mainly the protection of the apartment from dust, dirt and penetration of extraneous noise. Therefore, special sealing is not carried out, as well as the insulation of the balcony. With cold glazing, the balcony is an independent area and does not belong to the room.

With cold glazing, the balcony is rather part of the street, not at home, while this territory is fenced from the apartment with a wall. But even with cold glazing on the balcony at a certain time of the year, the temperature may differ from the street. In the spring-autumn on the balcony glazed with cold views, a greenhouse effect can occur.

Warm glazing is the adoption of measures to decorate the balcony, which allow you to maintain heat in the apartment as much as possible. As a rule, this is the installation of a double -glazed window with several cameras.

When working with insulation of the balcony, the method of warm glazing is required to seal as thoroughly as possible. Otherwise, heat will leave the room. For this, master-installers use a special mounting foam, which is launched by each hole and each gap.

This is worthy of protection from the penetration of cold air from the outside. In the same way, the floor on the balcony is processed in the same way. In addition, other work is carried out with the floor. So, on the concrete base it is necessary to put a wooden black floor, and under it a heat -insulating layer is made.

In some cases, the owner wants to dismantle the partition located between the apartment and the balcony. In this case, the balcony becomes part of the dwelling. With warm glazing, the entire balcony structure, which includes the door and window, is removed, and heating devices are added along the perimeter of the balcony.

When the balcony is glazed, the work uses a variety of materials. Often, the frames are made of wood (in particular, from the beam), which is the basis of the wings. Rums made of wood have both its advantages and disadvantages.

In addition to wood, aluminum is used in the production of frames. Aluminum balcony frames are most often used in the installation of sliding cold glazing. Aluminum balcony frames are durable and durable structures.

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