Types of corrugated sheeting

Trapezoidal sheeting is available in different versions, designed for specific intended use. A distinction is made between roof corrugated board, wall corrugated board, corrugated board for wall cladding, corrugated board for permanent molding.

In the manufacture of corrugated sheeting used waves of different heights: 8mm – 156mm. This is determined by the carrying capacity of the profile. Another important property of galvanized corrugated sheeting is considered to be mounting or useful width of the sheet.

You can buy decking in linear meters. During the installation of corrugated board on the roof becomes clear that the mounting width of the sheet metal in different types of roofing trapezoidal sheeting is different, chas and related to varying the final cost of corrugated board.

Profiled sheet has a razor of advantages:

– high economic efficiency;

– Long service life (up to 50 years);

– easy to install in any season of the year;

– Increased resistance to adverse atmospheric influences;

– Relevance, aesthetics, variety of shapes and shades.

Purpose and options of corrugated board

Manufacturers of galvanized corrugated board offers their products marked version, taking into account the width of the corrugated board and the height of the wave.

For example, the roof decking H44-1000-0.6 implies: H – used for roof decking, 44 – wave height in millimeters, 1000 – effective width of the profiled sheet in millimeters, 0.6 – the thickness of galvanized steel sheeting in millimeters.

Classification of corrugated board by purpose

1. C: for fences and walls;

2. H: roof profiled decking;

3. NS: for roofing and wall fences.

As a rule, when cladding buildings and fences are used wall (“C”) profiled sheeting. It stands out for its low wave height, which makes it unsuitable for roofing.

For roof decking is suitable profiled sheeting marked “H”, which has a considerable height of the wave and capillary groove for moisture drainage. Its installation width is inferior to the wall corrugated board. However, it has a higher load-bearing capacity.

Due to this factor, the roofing galvanized corrugated board is used when installing roofing with considerable snow loads and the installation of intermediate floors. As for the universal profiled sheeting marked “HC”, then it is in demand in the manufacture of roofing, as well as walls, fences and partitions.

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