Types of concrete floors and features of their installation

Any type of flooring will serve for a long time and comply with all the declared technical parameters only if it is put on a strong and even base, which is a concrete floor. Concrete floors can have different purposes, mount in different ways and have a different surface layer. Concrete floors are widely used both in residential premises and in industries (for example, in workshops, in the garage, on the street).

Different requirements are imposed depending on the purpose of the floors from concrete. For example, in residential premises such a floor should have an aesthetic appearance and meet sanitary standards. As for industrial sexes, they must have increased strength and resistance to abrasion.

The floors at industrial enterprises are subjected to tremendous loads, because they not only place various mechanisms, but people are constantly going on. That is why the industrial concrete floor should, firstly, have a very durable main layer, and secondly, a solid surface. Such strength is guaranteed by concrete plants of the BRU.

In order for the main layer to meet the standards, you need to use a special concrete mixture and reinforcement. For reinforcement, either a road grid or a frame of reinforcement is used. The correct filling of concrete can also affect the strength of the sexes.

As for the strength of the upper layer, so that the floors do not abrupt, they are covered with special compounds, which significantly increase the operational characteristics of the surface layer. There are other methods with which you can significantly improve the condition of the upper layer of the concrete floor.

Quite often, during the installation of the concrete floor, cracks appear, which is a defect in the coating. To avoid this defect, various kinds of deformation seams are performed. Moreover, different types of seams are performed at different stages of pouring concrete floors.

The finished concrete floor may not have a very aesthetic appearance due to all kinds of irregularities, therefore, at the final stage of installation, the surface of the concrete floor is subjected to cleaning and grinding.

As mentioned above, concrete floors are also relevant for residential buildings. However, unlike industrial concrete floors, decorative floors have completely different characteristics and appearance. The installation of decorative concrete coating is carried out using a special technology, thanks to which the floors are unusually beautiful, durable and durable.

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