Types of alternative sources of electrical energy

According to scientists, all the oil reserves on earth are left for fifty years, and coal for a hundred years. This is confirmed by geolocation studies, which show only small areas of minerals. If mankind will not find an alternative to traditional energy sources in the near future, we will have a fuel crisis. Therefore, we should turn to the use of renewable and alternative energy.

Solar Energy

The most massive, affordable and constant is solar energy. Excluding areas near the Arctic Circle, the sunny day is much longer than the night, indicating constant access to the energy resource. In addition, silicon used in photographic plates is the most abundant element on Earth. Thus, we get almost unlimited opportunities for energy production from the sun.

There are two main uses of solar energy – collectors and batteries. Solar collectors are used to heat objects using infrared solar radiation. Solar panels use the energy of photons, to convert it into electricity.

Every year the quality and performance of solar panels is only increasing. Currently the efficiency of conventional silicon wafers is over 20% and multilayer photoplates can convert up to 35% of solar energy into electrical energy. So very soon we can get solar plates with efficiency close to that of thermal power plants, and given the low maintenance costs and complete lack of them for the purchase of raw materials, the payback of an alternative source is several times higher.

Other alternative energy sources

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use solar panels everywhere. Due to the low duration of daylight hours, excessive overcast, abundance of snow that covers the plates. In such places you should turn to other options.

Wind energy can be converted into electricity with mills. These are cumbersome structures that occupy large spaces, making them very expensive.

In mountainous areas it is possible to use geothermal sources for energy production, either for conventional heating of houses or for steam turbine rotation and obtaining electricity.

Mini wind turbines can be purchased online, with their help electricity will be very cheap!

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