Types and use of granite and granite paving stones

Granite is a unique creation of nature, and there is nothing like this in nature, which could compete with granite in beauty, strength and diversity. Granite has a number of useful qualities and characteristics that make it indispensable material during many works, and the width of its color spectrum allows you to use it as a finishing and decorative stone.

You can judge the beauty of this noble stone by ancient paintings and photographs that depict majestic and beautiful palaces. In those days, the masters knew how to apply granite most profitable in order to demonstrate all its amazing qualities and beauty. Looking at this splendor, in addition to will, there is a desire to find himself there and touch the granite products amazing in its beauty.

Modern designers also do not bypass granite with their attention and offer a huge number of their design developments, in which the main decorative element is granite. For example, paving stones are made quite widely from granite, which looks very elegant and original in the interior. And if you recall the extraordinary strength and durability of this material, it becomes clear how a profitable solution it is – to use a granite paving stones.

Granite paving stones are different, therefore it is used based on its type. For example, polished granite paving stones, with a perfectly even and smooth surface, has proven itself in facing work (it can be faced with facades).

As for the clamped paving stones, it also has a smooth surface, but not as smooth as that of a polished pavers. Due to the slight roughness, such a paving stones preserves the original pattern, which makes it perfect as a flooring.

Когда гранит обрабатывается огнем, получается термообработанная брусчатка, имеющая характерные микротрещины. Thanks to these microcracks, granite paving stones are quite rough to use it for granite steps or balusters. Granite paving stones ennobled any interior, making it more stylish and sophisticated.

The quality and appearance of granite depends on the field in which it was obtained. Especially one can distinguish Kurtin granite, which is extracted in Kazakhstan and Dymovsky granite, the birthplace of which is the Saratov region.

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