Types and purpose of heating radiators

Radiators for heating provide an increase in temperature in the house or apartment during the cold season. They are necessary for a comfortable atmosphere and temperature in the room.

One of the most popular can be considered cast iron radiators, which are characterized by reliability, as well as the significant weight of the construction. Cast-iron radiators are produced by companies in the Russian Federation, from Italy, from the Czech Republic and from Spain. It is important to note that the main advantage of heating radiators made of cast iron can be considered a good wear resistance due to the neutral relationship of cast iron to hot water or other heat carriers with various additives. It was found that cast-iron radiators are not subject to formation of scale, and corrosion processes are not fixed in them. On the one hand, radiators made of cast iron have excellent thermal conductivity, but it can be argued that they are quite inert when giving the temperature to the surrounding space. It is important to note that cast iron is fragile, which negatively affects the performance of cast iron radiators.

In addition to cast iron radiators are also widely used steel and aluminum. As for the steel radiators, they have important advantages such as relatively low weight and good design. It is important to note that in low-rise houses, such heating radiators can be considered the best in terms of their performance properties. Due to the presence of special coating on the inner surfaces of radiators do not practically rust and clogs.

The best in terms of thermal conductivity can be considered aluminum radiators. Such devices are able to heat quickly enough and also quickly give the heat back to the room where they are installed. Also in recent years, the best solution for the premises is the installation of fan coils.

The principle of operation of fancoil is based mainly on the regulation and maintenance of the desired temperature, which is very convenient and profitable. As for the choice of a heating radiator, that the quality of water or other coolant that will flow through the inner cavities of the radiator can be considered the main. If you want to provide heating in a low-rise building with its own water treatment system and water supply, you can choose both steel and aluminum radiators. If you are not sure about the quality of water supplied to the heating system of the building, it is better to choose a medium-neutral cast-iron radiator.

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