Toys by age of the child

For the proper development of the child, it is very important that the games and toys with which he is engaged in corresponding to his age and development. Consider this with examples of games for various ages.

Age category 0-1 year

Rattles, bells, bells, suspensions for a bed, mobilies, developing rugs and chairs-melons are the best toys for this age, because now all the necessary information is perceived by the child exclusively visually and by ear.

Age category 1-3 years

During this period, the child begins to distinguish between the shape, color, size that fall under his arms. In addition, the child is of interest in drawing and modeling. Therefore, plasticine, finger paints, water drawing, as well as various cubes, nesting dolls, pyramids – what is needed for this age.

Age category 3-5 years

During this period, children are ready to teach and develop their abilities. Therefore, various kinds of designers, lotto, dominoes, puzzles, puzzles – are perfect for teaching a child. Do not ignore board games: football, tennis, table hockey Stiga Stanley Cup. At this age, children will also be interested in role -playing games in which special sets can become, for example, “Doctor”, “Stolar”, “My Kitchen” and others.

Age category 5-8 years

This age is the beginning of school life. But not only preparation for the school should be busy with a child. He just needs time to play, so he will be able to distract a little, relax. Logical games, sticks, designers-heads, as well as various kinds of visual aids and unusual tasks-will help not only relax to the child, but in a playful way they will be able to teach the child in numbers and letters.

Age category from 9 and older

The child is already an adult, but despite this, games should be present in his life. Ready -made sets for creativity, the assortment of which is now just huge, are designed for any interest in the child. This is work with beads, embroidery, knitting, colored sand, gypsum, painting, all kinds of sets for conducting experiments in physics, chemistry and other sciences. Head-toe designers also remain relevant at this age.

Some tips for choosing toys:

one. The most important criterion that should be advanced to any toy is not beauty and necessity is security for the child. The state of the toy, the serviceability of all mechanisms, the smell, the strength of all parts – none of these indicators should be in doubt when buying a toy. It is better to choose toys of a famous brand. Carefully get acquainted with the instructions and rules of operation of the toy.

2. The low price of the toy cannot guarantee its excellent quality. After all, the price of a toy, the cost of production of which is cheap, indicates that cheap colors and poor -quality materials were taken for its manufacture. As a result, such toys can be dangerous for the child.

3. It is more reliable to buy toys in specialized stores where you can see a quality certificate for this product. It should be a rule: one high -quality expensive toy is better than somewhat cheap, dangerous for a child.

four. When choosing a toy, you should pay attention to what age it is for, or consult with the sales consultant. But these are only recommendations, because only mom knows what can interest her child, because the interests and pace of development of each baby are different. In this regard, it will be advisable to make a choice in favor of a toy intended for a little older age.

5. Despite all the usefulness and quality of the toy, it should, first of all, should be attractive to the child, cause only positive emotions in him, be bright and interesting. It is such a toy that will be useful for the child for a long time.

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