Tours to Pilon, Cuba

Cuba is one of the popular exotic tourist destinations. Package tours to the island will cost a lot. Many modern tourists choose independent trips. They are convenient, profitable and interesting as everyone wants. The organization of tours to Cuba of special knowledge and skills does not require. Anyone who wants to be available today by booking hotels online in popular resorts of the island and in developing tourist centers. Tickets for the aircraft will also not be difficult to purchase via the Internet.

The selection of the resort in Cuba is not an easy task. Every city is worthy of attention on the island. An original pylon in the province of Granma will appeal to those who appreciate freedom. The city is distinguished by an atmosphere of one hundred percent serenity. Here, worries and problems recede. The anti -stress effect in the pylon has everything: the rhythm of life, landscapes, aromas. The city smells of sea, cigars and chocolate. A drunk cocktail of aromas is one of the most memorable raisins of a pylon.

The city is famous for chic beaches, many cultural, historical, architectural attractions. For lovers of combined rest, Pilon is one of the best places in Cuba. He is colorful, original, bright, multifaceted and emotional. A city with a strong character falls in love with itself at first sight. Pilon is one of those resorts to which you can experience any feelings except indifference.

It is convenient to get to the city in the province of Granma through the capital of Cuba. It is most convenient to fly to Havana from Russia with a direct flight. In order to save on independent tourists, it is recommended to book airline tickets online. You can fly to Cuba and Lowe Costs with a docking in Europe. This is a time for time, but profitable financially. From the capital to Pilon, the path of a short. Cuba guests are offered a railway transfer to Santiago de Cuba, and then bus-to the coast. It will be a great start of a sightseeing tour of the island of Freedom.

The first thing that catches the eye in the pylon itself is silence and tranquility. Measured rhythm of life- a visiting card of the city. The resort is ideal for relaxation with a philosophical accent. I will like rest in the city of beachmen, ecotourists, fans of information and saturated promenade. With all the calm, the pylon is not to occupy emotionality. A multi -sided city is contrasting, like the whole bright cube.

From an excursion point of view, the resort is incredibly interesting. In ancient times, its territory was populated by the Venezuelan Indians. It is these nationalities that are considered the first inhabitants of Cuba. Their descendants are still a lot in the pylon and the surrounding villages. The harmonious neighborhood of antiquity and modernity is one of the brightest features of the city. As for historical monuments, there are few in the pylon. But every structure is worthy of attention.

Separately, it is worth noting the natural attractions of the surroundings of the pylon. These include coffee, reed plantations. No less attention is attracted by sugar factories and chocolate factories. Independent tourists can visit any enterprise with excursion goals. With chocolate factories near Pilon, branded stores are open. They sell the best cocoa powder in them and products from it.

For an excursion and non-insowerful vacation, you can not go for the ocean. In Europe, cozy seaside resort cities are no less. On the ocean can you relax in Portugal. The country is loved by beach and athletes. It is possible to book hotels in Portugal independently in any of the cities. Each resort has its own specifics. For example, for surfing it is better to choose tourist centers of the western coast of the country.

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