Titebond tree glue

If you need high -quality glue for wood, then you should pay attention to Franklin International Titebond. This is a perfect product that has been regularly improved for 70 years. The composition is intended for professionals in their field, first recognized by American carpets, and subsequently – and the whole world.

The company produces more than two dozen types of glue, which are used in construction and production on an industrial scale. Thanks to compliance with world standards and high reliability indicators, he successfully established himself on all continents and remains indispensable in 50 countries.

TiteBond glue is not accustomedly used in almost all wooden structures. It is used in the production of plywood products, parquet, furniture. The manufacturer of glue has established a high bar of the product – this is durability, moisture resistance, invulnerability to various loads.

Types of glue

Titebond wood glue is made on a different basis, based on the purpose. Aliphatic compounds, resins, proteins, water, natural rubber are used as a basis. Before buying glue, it should be studied by its indicators of moisture resistance, frost resistance, which directly affect the working properties of glue.

Professionals have already cast their vote for the glue Titebond II, made according to the moisture resistance standard ANSY TYPE II. The glue is based on an aliphatic emulsion, thanks to which the viscosity and strength of the glue is created. The product has a translucent cream color. The composition feels excellently at temperatures from -30 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Titebond II grabs perfectly with the material when applying. Glue seam has a high density and is resistant to the negative effects of chemical compounds. The glue can be easily removed before drying out. The main drawback – it cannot be used under water.

Titebond III is made on water -based, which allows you to work with a material that will in contact with food. The glue is based on polymer material, has a cream color. Glue can be used when gluing with heat treatment, ideal for the manufacture of kitchen furniture.

All types of glue should be used in ventilated rooms to avoid dizziness and unpleasant sensations. When applying to the skin, it can cause irritation. In this case, rinse the skin with water and soap. If the glue gets to the surface of the eyes, you need to carefully rinse them with running water.

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