The State Duma considers the bill liquidating “rubber apartments”.

As you know, the State Duma is under consideration by a bill, which is designed to liquidate in the country, the so -called “rubber apartments”. Moreover, the bill has already passed the first reading. What is this about? First, another problem has appeared in the country. As if all available are resolved! This is the problem of the influx in the country of foreign citizens, t. e. migrants. Drink at home in a cottage village in New Riga and be calm. With these migrants you need to do something. If they do not establish proper supervision, then the situation may not become at all controlled. And how, you order, this mass of foreign citizens to control? Here the state decided to make some body movements in this direction. If the law is adopted and enters into force, then foreign citizens will not be able to re -enter the country, if earlier, being in Russia, they did not pay fines imposed on them or committed crimes without suffering sentences. This ban is valid not only in relation to foreign citizens, but also stateless persons. Secondly, it is no secret that “who came here” manage to register (register) several people in any one private apartment. They constantly live, of course, in other places, and are prescribed where it will be possible. So, thus, apartments are obtained “rubber”. Now migrants will be able to register only if the accounting norm is designed for one spelled out. This norm is determined by the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. According to the developers of the bill, this will eliminate these same “rubber apartments” as a “hostile class”. Thirdly, if the organization violates the rules for hiring migrants to work, then it can be excluded from a self-regulatory organization, t. e. SRO. In this connection, the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation is supposed to make appropriate additions. In particular, in order to exclude the organization from the SRO, the presence of repeatedly during the year holding it liable for violation of the current legislation in relation to migrants. In the case of acquisition by foreign citizens and stateless persons in Russia, real estate, then registering bodies will be required to provide information about such transactions on a free basis. Naturally, no one got it, but purely to the authorities that have the powers granted by the Government of the Russian Federation.

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