The sexiest women’s clothing items

In the arsenal of female means of seduction, objects of clothing occupy an important place. Often, the argument of sexual attractiveness becomes decisive when choosing a particular thing. Studs on the stilettos Creator of high -heeled shoes worthy of the monument. The sonorous knock of heels makes the male heart beat more often. He can fantasize about anyone – a strict boss, a playful student, a flirty secretary – a stilettos in this fantasy definitely there is! Business suit classic image – narrow skirt to the knee, laconic, closed stilettos, strict styling, business accessories – frequent fantasy of many men. Every man in his fantasies sees how, after a working day, this impregnable cold beauty turns into a hot sexy cat. High boots firmly occupy one of the upper positions of the male rating of sexual things. Narrow shaft and high heel visually make the legs longer and slower. And their owner is more desirable. Skirt on the floor with a cut to the hips in a deaf long skirt has its charm of secrets. And if at every step a section of this skirt for a second opens a beautiful leg – just insanity. Celebrities willingly use this male weakness. A long dress with a high cut on the thigh is the most common outfit at official ceremonies. A translucent blouse about how many fantasies and desires she awakened in a gray string of office everyday life! How many boring meetings were brightened up with her tempting look! Thin fabric through which thin lamers are visible. And if you look closely, you can see… So men are looking closely, even if you can’t see anything there. Transparency teases mystery and hint. Decollete anything – a pajama shirt or a uniform dress – with a deep neckline, takes an alluring sexual shape. And women use it. And men with pleasure allow them it allow them. Frankly cocktail dresses with a neckline or a modest version of an office shirt – no matter. Everything that is hidden, men will come up with themselves. Sands with straps or ribbons delicate ankles, entwined with a satin ribbon or leather straps, will excite the fantasies of the strong half of humanity for many years. Men see in this image a resemblance to magic fairies and heavenly goddesses. And here she is near, steps with beautiful legs on the ground – unless you can lust her? School form of memory of the first timid sympathies. Nostalgia for youth. Cross of the forbidden. All this makes the elements of the school uniform with a very powerful fetish. A checkered skirt in a fold and a uniform tie with a white blouse will fit perfectly into an office outfit, but the mood of the surrounding men is unlikely to be a worker. After all, a sexual student wants to teach bad or punish for negligence. Corset since ancient times, the corset is an integral part of the image of a chic seductress. The corset forms an elegant silhouette, lifts and visually enlarges the chest, forces to hold posture. Modern fashion trends allow you to use it both in an everyday outfit and in an elegant evening toilet. The cervical scarf is the most universal and multifunctional item of a women’s wardrobe, perhaps, a scarf. Tied on his head, combined with dark glasses, he creates the image of a sophisticated lady and a Hollywood star. A handkerchief on the neck makes a woman like a stewardess. Correct clothes will make the chosen image even more clearly. And the scarf itself is a bright accessory. Worn under a strict business jacket – right on the underwear – a scarf is without a male mind flawlessly.

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