The scope of the Perman

Before talking about the areas of the application of the preuma, it is important to explain what this technology is, and why it is needed.

Permants are presented in the form of composite semi-decking materials, and are a two-component material, which consists of the very base and its connecting substance. In order to subject a product of a particular impregnation, it is necessary to soak the reinforcing basis with certain polymer binders. Impregnation is necessary in order to concentrate all the physicochemical properties of the material itself as much as possible. To make prepares, a fairly large amount of the most diverse materials is necessary. Many foreign companies that are engaged in the manufacture of prepares produce this material in the form of a comfortable canvas, which is covered on both sides with plastic packaging and twisted into a roll.

Thanks to pre -one technology, many companies can receive the most complex monolithic structures of any form, while using the minimum instrumental processing.

Application of prensure technology

Preservation technology has been applied for a long time.

Permants are often used in various industries, and one of the most popular is the aviation industry, in which the use of prepares is not uncommon. If there is a production of prepares in which high quality of the material is not required, then for this industry this condition is considered one of the most primary. After all, prepares are used to make a wide variety of parts of helicopters and aircraft. Thanks to the use of this material, it is possible to significantly reduce the weight of these parts, and as a result, save on fuel consumption, but at the same time the characteristics of the strength will remain at the highest level.

Thanks to this technology, you can make blades for the wind energy sphere, which has recently gained its popularity.

You can not do without preparation technology in the field of medicine, because thanks to this such important orthoses are made, various medical devices.

And these are far from all of the listed areas of application, because it is also worth highlighting shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, construction, where reinforcement of various concrete structures is directly used.

To date, in Russia, practically the production of premises has not been developed. Western countries, having such an opportunity, produce the most reliable aircraft of a new type, which are an order of magnitude higher than Russian. In this area, the country is already less competitive.

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