The right selection of roofs for home

The harsh Russian climate more than once checks for strength and does not tolerate negligence in the construction of houses. And when choosing a roof roof as the main protection against outside influences, you need to be especially careful.

Any construction requires a strong roof, reliably protecting from wind and snow loads, solar radiation, etc. The roof is a difficult construction consisting of the supporting and enclosing parts: a rafter system, a crate, which is the basis for the roof, subcutaneous waterproofing, thermal insulation.

In addition to the protective, the outer part of the roof also performs a decorative function. To date, the tiles of various types are in demand (the ventilation of which can be improved using ventilation tiles – special prescription material), rolled materials, corrugated board. The drainage system can be either metal or from plastic.

Among other varieties of tiles, composite, as high -resistant to changing weather conditions, whether it is low temperatures or the scorching sun. In addition, due to its multi -layer structure, this roofing material is extremely durable and provides decent thermal insulation. And when using a special method of nullifying the tile sheets, such a strong adhesion of its sheets is achieved that no hurricane is terrible.

Developers quite often use this material for various types of buildings. He is non -combustible, light, resistant to decay. Attractive in appearance, he is also flexible, durable and durable, which has earned confidence. Now composite tiles are quite common material in construction.

No less popular among roofing coatings and metal tiles of which the price of which is very acceptable for a simple layman. Its installation, maintenance, as well as repair in the process of life, do not require exorbitant investment. In addition, it looks quite elegant, and the modern market offers a wide variety of color solutions for every taste. This roofing material can rightfully be attributed to durable coatings, it can be used in the construction of a house in almost any Russian region. The thin layer of zinc provides anti -corrosion properties of metal tiles.

The roof with the right choice can ensure the durability of the whole house for many years. And additional elements, like a drain system, windows for attic, etc., complement the modern reliable design with restrained and tasteful. Successful construction!

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