Than wooden houses are good.

Comparison of wooden and stone houses.

There is an opinion that stone houses are being built for centuries, while wooden are short -lived. Probably, it was before – after all, stone buildings were built a thickness of one and a half meters and served for centuries, and wooden huts could bend. But in recent decades, the situation has fundamentally changed. The thickness of the brick walls is now much smaller, and masonry is not always done on conscience. While wooden houses of which the cost is several times lower than that of stone steel much better.

The tree is no longer so terrible damp, and antiseptics existing in large numbers will not allow warrior beetles and microorganisms to destroy wood. If you observe a competent approach and take a timely care for a wooden house for a long time – experts give a guarantee for a period of 200 years, and this is not the limit. It is worth trying, and our great -grandchildren will confirm this fact.

Another common prejudice is that wooden buildings are unarmed before fire. This was the case in the 18-19th century, when a whole city could be destroyed in one fire-as for example, it was during the retreat of the French from Moscow. Antipyrers are now being used – which many times reduce the combustibility of the tree. These substances improve every year, thereby reducing the likelihood of a fire.

Of course, there are some advantages of brick over a tree. So, for example, with an uneven leaf of the latter, cracks may appear. Thermal inertia and thermal conductivity less. Also, bricks have more options for subsequent decoration, but modern wooden buildings correct this drawback.

Wooden houses have a number of undeniable advantages. Due to low thermal conductivity, you can quickly heat the room with sun rays or stove. Since the tree breathes, dampness in such houses does not hold on and excess moisture leaves. Saving on the foundation allows the small weight of a wooden house, and in general, as a rule, they are cheaper than brick.

But, probably, the main thing is a pleasant and neat design, both interior and external. Environmental friendliness. An unforgettable, wonderful microclimate in the house. Atmosphere of comfort and health. The stone box is unlikely to boast of this. That is why many dream of their own wooden house. And contrary to all myths and speculations about wooden houses, they realize their dreams.

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