Suburban real estate market fraud

Unfortunately, the number of fraudulent transactions in the real estate market is growing every year. You need to observe vigilance in any transactions. Fraud methods can vary. Here is some of them.

one. The construction of a country house is carried out in a very short time using the cheapest building materials. At the same time, mandatory construction requirements are not observed, for example, there is no foundation or constructive connections. Then the house is sold, and 10% of the value in the documents is prescribed as the cost of the house, and 90% as the cost of the land, although, in fact, everything should look the other way around. This is explained by the fact that there will be no need to pay extra taxes (13%). After a few months, such a house is either completely destroyed, and is not amenable to restoration, or very large amounts need to be invested in its repair. It is almost impossible to prove the fact of fraud in this case.

2. A certain LLC appears, called himself a developer, which sells the population land plots, on which it is supposed to erect cottages. For clarity and adoption of vigilance of customers, one chic house is built. Then, for 2-3 years, an active sale of land with non-existent houses is underway, after which the company disappears safely. This is a very common way of fraud lately.

3. An equally common way to deceive in the field of suburban real estate is the sale of preliminary contracts. The bottom line is that a preliminary contract is not necessary to register at the registration center, so it loses its weight and does not save the buyer from scammers. The need to sign such agreements explain the fraudsters to explain some documents with a deficiency, or they seduce the client not at a very high price, so many people make an advance payment under this agreement in the amount of 50 or 100%. Thus, the same object can be sold many times by different people. It is useless to look for a seller in this case. Therefore, advice: you cannot pay large amounts of the advance payment under preliminary agreements.

four. If the owner does not use his land for a long time, his “cunning” neighbor can use it. T. e., When ordering land surveying, a neighbor can also grab someone else’s empty plot. After the issuance of documents with a markedly increased area of ​​the Earth, he calmly sells it and receives a good reward.

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