Sports style is always convenient, but not always beautiful

Convenience is the main advantage of the sports style of clothing. If objective reasons do not force to put on a strict and pompous costume, then many prefer free clothes that does not constrain movement. A high rhythm of life, a constant haste, you always have to rush somewhere, because the distances in the cities only increase, but I want to have time to build a career, establish personal life, have fun. And if there are children? You will definitely not envy mothers – a kindergarten or school, additional classes and sections take a lot of time, while you still need to work, maintain home comfort and stay beautiful. This is the “mission is impossible”!

Modern fashion trends do not exacerbate such a difficult position with complex outfits (which you can’t even put on it alone), uncomfortable elements of clothing have gone into the history of fashion, there is a place. Sports style is no longer associated with heavy physical activity and physical education, it has become not only a full -fledged ruler in everyday and home clothes, but its elements are combined with many other styles.

The basis of the style, of course, are various types of clothes designed for sports – ordinary costumes, tennis dresses, bicycles and leggings, t -shirts, wide pants and sweatshirts for yoga and T -shirts and T -shirts /Catalog /Mayki. But if you just need to take a walk in comfortable clothes in the evening, the choice stops on simple pants, often just jeans and jacket, and many girls collect hair in a bundle “A-la just from the bathroom”. The enchanting image is created!

When choosing freedom in motion, it is not necessary to abandon grace and beauty, the charm of the image is created not just with clothes, but how it combines the person who wears it. Having put on themselves only that people hide their personality and merge with the bulk of the crowd, which prefers impersonalism and equalization. Why have such a diverse selection of outfits, if you always dwell on only one?

Wide free pants, coupled with a very cute T -shirt with a cartoon pattern, sneakers or sneakers, and most importantly, hair collected in a neat ponytail or free braid, which retains artistic mess, but not very large earrings – the girl is ready to conquer the freedom and grace of the image. The main thing is that in this version the figure is slim with thin legs. Suitable for girls. And for a young woman (or not so), straight sports trousers or light jeans and an ordinary T -shirt are suitable – there is a classic for any style. In this form, no one will seem funny.

The most popular fashion trend in 2016 as part of sportswear can be considered sneakers on the platform – this is the universal version of shoes. These are still wide coats and raincoats that have the shape of a trapezoid and are smelling obliquely. For a summer outfit, short shorts and a free jacket or T -shirt, as well as variations on the topic of tennis, are most preferable this season.

No less popular is a combination of a classic outfit with sports shoes or for circulation. So romantic flying outfits from chiffon and satin are recommended to wear with contrasting color sneakers and woolen cordiamine, and a tracksuit combined with high studs, a clate bag and neat earrings.

The fashion world turns upside down or simply returns to the nearby past – who knows? The main and undeniable fact remains that the fashion designers turn to face ordinary people, and the sports style in clothing becomes the more popular, the higher the healthy lifestyle and playing sports.

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