Soft roofing shinglass

The variety of coatings in the modern building materials market is amazing in the imagination. The wide range of roofing products is especially surprising. These building materials are distinguished by innovative solutions and high techniques. Moreover, they are very easy to install.

If you decide to change the roof of the roof of the house, then we recommend that you opt for a soft roof. It is best to buy a soft roof of a shinglass, which is one of the most high -tech materials.

This coating is based on fiberglass canvas, which is saturated with a special bitumen composition.

Thanks to the scaly cutting, the roof of the shinglass is otherwise called bitumen tiles. This material is made taking into account all standards and norms of modern high -tech equipment.

The roof of the shinglass is a very plastic and flexible material, which allows you to use it in a large number of the spheres of modern construction. So, bitumen tiles are used to finish roofs of various complexity and any format: on cottages, baths, arbors, administrative buildings, etc. D.

The soft roof of the shinglass has earned its high popularity thanks to its qualities such as the original appearance, a long service life, efficiency (at least waste during installation) and affordable cost.

If the installation work was carried out according to all the rules, then such a roof will serve its owners by faith and truth for more than a dozen years. All operational characteristics of the material are preserved for 20-30 years.

Installation of soft roofing material, Shinglass requires compliance with a number of conditions. One of them is as follows: roofing should be carried out at an ambient temperature of not more than 25 degrees.

You can order a detailed calculation of the roof at Westmet, which executes orders in Moscow and the Moscow region. Here you can purchase soft bitumen tiles at a democratic price.

If you decide to opt for a reliable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically attractive roof, you will enjoy the result of installation.

It is also worth noting that this material is highly resistant to atmospheric influences such as snow drifts, shed rains, squalling winds and ultraviolet radiation. The Westmet company will consult you in detail on all issues regarding the soft roof of the shinglass.

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