Sights of Oslo – the capital of the fjords

Oslo is the Norwegian capital and one of the most distinctive cities in Scandinavia. Oslo is quite convenient-it is in the depths of Oslo Fjord with a length of 107 kilometers. The city is surrounded by a total of 343 lakes and 40 islands. In addition, eight rivers flows through it at once. You can go here on a trip on a ferry to any island and immediately be surrounded by virgin nature and beaches.

Oslo is called the green capital. Here, 90% of residents live less than three hundred meters from all kinds of green arrays, as well as parks, the proximity of nature largely determines the lifestyle of local residents: they love walks in the air, and active sports. In winter, 2,500 km of high -quality ski tracks appear in Oslo. Oslo is a sports city. A lot of competitions are constantly held here.

Oslo is a civilized modern European city, it should be remembered that it is the oldest center of the country in Europe, since it is more than a thousand years old, and has been distinguished by the richest cultural and historical heritage. In Oslo, a total of more than 50 different galleries and museums, among which the Viking ships, the oldest museum of skis and much more, can be noted. Oslo is the hometown of f. Nansen, e. Munk, x. Ibsen, etc. D.

One of the favorite places of walks of the Norwegians is the embankment a. Bruges. Here is the Fort fortress Acershus. In Frognerp, you can see the Vigeland sculpture park. It consists of 650 different figures made of granite, bronze, as well as forged iron. By the way, the local building of the opera theater is built of glass and white marble, it is a valuable work of art and is very popular among tourists and Norwegians. Oslo is a very friendly and friendly city.

In Oslo, you can see various festivals, processions and installation, as well as numerous street concerts. You can have lunch here in one of the many local restaurants. And you can relax in one of the local clubs.

Among the main local attractions, one can note the Museum of the Vikings ships and the Vigesparken sculpture park, as well as the Akershus fortress.

The mandatory point of the program for tourists is to visit the Vigelatsparten sculptures park, which is famous for 212 various sculptures. The entrance here is completely free, the park works daily.

The new opera is also very popular in Oslo. She became a hit almost immediately after her opening in 2008.

The Acerhus fortress, as well as the Norwegian People’s Museum and the Historical Museum, are interesting for visiting to Oslo. You can find out about Norwegian expeditions and researchers at the Fram Museum, Kon-Tiki, the Viking Museum of Ships. You can also visit the Marine Museum.

Arriving in Hamlebuen, in the oldest part of this city, you can admire the medieval Oslo. All those who are interested in design, art, as well as architecture can go to the National Museum of Art, the Museum Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art or any of the local galleries.

In the summer you can relax in the Tyusenfryud entertainment park where you can ride on the rides and relax in the water park. This place is great for family holidays. The Royal Palace also hospitably opens its doors to the guests in the summer. You can buy inexpensive tours to Scandinavia from Moscow even via the Internet.Moreover, you can visit several countries with excursions for the DOU with excursions.

The new attractions of Oslo are the center of the Holocaust and the Nobel Center of the World. Having visited them, you can probably get a lot of impressions.

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