Selection of gold chains: main types and selection criteria

A gold chain is a status decoration that is suitable for both men and women. The main thing is to choose the right model from the options offered by personalized necklace.

Main varieties

Most often, chains differ in the type of weaving. This is the first characteristic you need to pay attention to:

  1. Bismarck. The manual type of weaving, which is considered the most popular. Each link consists of several woven elements. The dense, classic type of weaving is perfect for men’s chains.
  2. Anchor. A reliable option that is simple and durable. For women, finer work is used, and for men’s models, double and triple anchoring is used.
  3. Shell version. This weaving is considered universal. The links here run along the same plane. A chain with this weave always shines brighter and attracts women’s attention.
  4. Snake. Outwardly it resembles a snake and is in great demand among the younger generation.

In addition to appearance, you should focus on your body type, as well as the clothes and makeup with which you plan to wear the jewelry.

Selection rules

When choosing a gold chain, you must immediately check the availability of the sample. Most often, 750 and 585 samples are used in jewelry. They do not darken the body and do not cause irritation.

Be sure to pay attention to the reliability of the locking mechanism. It would be a shame to lose your favorite thing. The lock should open easily and at the same time have a good spring. It is optimal if the lock can be used without assistance. For example, a ring-type lock is very difficult to fasten yourself, especially if the girl has long nails. The carabiner is not suitable for thin weaves, since it looks very massive.

When wearing, you need to consider compatibility. For example, a large chain will not work if you have large earrings in your wardrobe. A thin chain with a thin bracelet looks very harmonious.

It is not recommended to purchase hollow chains. Although they are inexpensive due to their low mass, they serve too little.

If the chain is not planned to be worn to official events and is purely a decoration “for beauty,” then you can purchase models with the most intricate and non-standard weaves. For young girls, the length of the product can start from 45 cm, and for women with a large build from 55. If the model is intended for formal occasions, then a length of no more than 50 cm is suitable.

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