Seasonal storage of tires: a service that more and more car owners chooses

Competent storage of tires is the key to the security of the car owner. But what about those who do not have the opportunity to take their summer tires to the garage for winter storage or remove winter tires in the barn for the whole summer season?

It is for such people that the service storage of tires has been invented. Every year it becomes more and more popular and in demand. The advantages of this service have a lot. First of all, this is compliance with the storage conditions of these products. After all, even a new car rubber can lose its properties, if you do not provide it with appropriate conditions. Whereas with competent storage of the tire will last 2 times longer than the term declared by the manufacturer.

For the normal maintenance of tires, a number of important conditions are required for a whole season. So, before handing over the rubber should be carefully cleaned and dried, and then processed with a special protective composition. Only after that it can be cleaned in large packages.

The storage location of tires is a room with a normal level of humidity, sufficient ventilation and a constant positive temperature.

An important point indicating the storage of rubber in the garage is to find tires in the immediate vicinity of combustible products: gasoline, oils, solvents, cosmetics spray cans. Such a neighborhood negatively affects the state of tires.

In no case should rubber with aggressive effects of ultraviolet radiation – direct sunlight can reduce the performance of products. Finally, another important point – the tires must be stored in an upright position.

In a special center that provides tire storage services, the pressure in the rubber is approximately half. This allows you to provide optimal wheels storage conditions. Of course, it is difficult to observe all these points at home.

On the site you can familiarize yourself with this service. The company is ready to help you get double benefits: saving time and wife from the family budget.

Turning to professionals, the car owner trusts his tires in reliable hands. A specialized service provides a guarantee that at the end of the storage season, rubber will not lose its properties and preserve all its operational qualities.

You can choose a service for storing only tires or all wheels assembly.

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