Screw piles. Can be installed manually?

As a rule, small buildings are erected on the foundation with helical piles, which is created with the help of special equipment or manually, for example, in cases where it is expensive to rent equipment or simply there is no road to deliver everything you need.

In addition, helical piles are installed manually when small objects such as porches, gazebos, fences or bath houses are built in a garden plot, where there is already a house and plants are planted. You can always buy piles here.

Also, helical piles are used when it is necessary to divide a fence between two neighboring plots. In this case the piles can only be driven manually.

As for the financial side, the manual method is much more profitable. After all, to build the same gazebo or terrace, as a rule, use few piles, no more than a dozen. There is not much work, and therefore there is no point in renting expensive equipment.

The main rule of installation of helical piles

If you decide to install the spiral piles by yourself, remember the main rule: the depth to which the pile enters into the ground must be greater than the depth of soil freezing. As you know, the soil contains water. In winter the water freezes, the volume of soil because of this increases, and it rises up. If the piles remain in the frozen ground, they will rise with it and raise the entire structure. But if you screw in a pile deeper, in the place where the frozen soil contacts the trunk of the pile, there is a “failure” and the pile will not rise. Thus, the foundation remains strong, and the structure serves for a long time.

Installing Spiral Piles

Install with your own hands screw piles is not difficult. The sequence of actions is as follows:

First, a small hole is made in the ground with a hand drill, in which the pile is inserted. At the same time, the pile must stand strictly vertically;

In a special hole at the end of the pile put a scrap. Diameter of scrap must be at least 30 millimeters, the brand – St45 or St40X. At the ends of the scrap put pieces of pipe length of two and a half meters each;

Then one person holds the pile vertically, and two others begin to screw it into the ground. The pile must enter 192 millimeters into the ground in one revolution. Completely install one pile can be a maximum of 15 minutes, depending on the type of soil.

How much does a screw foundation cost?

Prices for foundations on piles depends on the cost of piles themselves plus the cost of work. One pile on average costs from 900 to 3000 rubles, and installation – 1500 rubles. In addition, a separate fee is charged for test drilling.

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