Screw compressor. How to choose the right

Quite often, people are faced with the need to buy screw compressors. Such a device is used in refrigerated machines. But in order to correctly make a choice and a competent selection, it is necessary to know for sure about their types, advantages and disadvantages. This is what will be discussed in our article.

To date, two types of screw compressor are distinguished. First, this is a screw compressor with a single screw. This species have one or two sites-satellite, which are attached to the rotor on both sides. Thus, the compression of the refrigerant vapor occurs immediately on both sides of the rotor. Their rotation directly depends on the central rotor, which looks like a screw. Remember that the screws should fit the rotor hermetically. To do this, use the oil, which is separated during the work. The second type is a double screw compressor. Such a compressor differs from the previous type in that it has a couple of rotors. This type of compressor is good because it has a low noise level, and you can also independently adjust the power of the refrigerator machine.

Advantages and disadvantages of screw compressors.

When choosing a screw compressor, you must take into account all significant pros and cons of. The advantages include:

– Reliability, strength, durability of all details. By purchasing such a compressor, you practically exclude the likelihood of breakdowns. And this is all, it means that there is an opportunity to save significantly.

– Such compressors have a minimum number of main details. In addition, there are practically no elements that have a short service life and quickly break.

– High level of all indicators that do not change over time.

– Quality work. Despite the oil, dry compression or wet pair, it works a compressor, the quality of production does not change.

– A screw compressor can operate both on one type of gas and a combination of several.

But, despite such a huge number of positive qualities, there are also disadvantages.

– The compressor needs constant cooling of the oil, as well as its permanent compartment.

– Very high complexity of equipment.

When choosing a compressor, be sure to pay attention to its energy saving. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the brand, as some compressors can fit a certain type of refrigeration machines.

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