Range of choice of sports water bottles and main characteristics

Training and sports activities cause profuse sweating, which leads to thirst. To prevent dehydration, it is recommended to have a container of water or special drinks with you during classes. It is suggested to buy bottles on https://brosock.com/cat/water-bottle/ , where there is a large selection of products.


Bottles may differ in capacity, material of manufacture, and shape. It is important that they have a strong, better screw-on cap. This will create a complete seal of the container, quickly and easily open and close the bottle.

Based on the material of manufacture, the following options are distinguished:

  1. Plastic. They are often equipped with a wide neck, which makes it easier to use and fill the container with liquid. The products combine the necessary parameters of strength, lightness and cleanability.
  2. Glass ones are created from special types of material. They do not break or crack from impacts and can withstand falls. An important factor is the chemical inertness of the material; it does not impart taste or odor to the liquid.
  3. Metal options are made from aluminum. These are the most durable containers; they can be created in round, flat or other shapes, suitable for placement in the pockets of clothes or a backpack, and installed in special sockets of bicycles and other equipment. There are especially durable stainless steel options.
  4. Ceramic ones retain temperature best and are often used for storing special drinks.

Selection options

First of all, it is important for what purposes and under what conditions the bottles will be used. Based on this, the material of manufacture and the shape of the vessels are selected. They must fit comfortably into clothing or other attributes of the athlete’s equipment and withstand the loads during exercise or on a hike.

The capacity of the bottles depends on the fluid consumption of the athlete. For jogging and walking, 200-500 ml products are sufficient, that is, from one to 2.5 glasses of water. If the exercises are long and accompanied by a lot of sweating, then containers of at least a liter are needed to compensate for fluid losses and prevent dehydration.

The size of the neck and the type of stopper ensure the convenience of filling the bottle and drinking from it, and the tightness of the vessel during transportation. This is especially important during active activities where shaking and vibration are possible, for example when riding a bicycle or running over rough terrain. In this case, it is also necessary to select the most durable manufacturing material.

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