PVC windows

Just a few decades ago, the inhabitants of our country could not even think that it was replaced by ordinary wood windows that had to be constantly painted, washed and sealed for the winter, modern structures made of plastic would come. The Western invention has taken root in our country – a huge number of advantages that it possesses can be listed endlessly. These windows fit perfectly into almost any interior, do not create air “leaks”. Moreover, it is very easy to take care of them.

This article will give useful recommendations – they will be useful to everyone in whose apartment or in whose house plastic windows are installed from the company “Absolute” or from any other. Using these recommendations, you can achieve a really long service life of such systems.

Furniture and seal

The first and most importantly – all the hinges, awnings, locks and other parts of metal accessories are lubricated at least once a year. To lubricate use oils in whose composition there are no resins and acids. Great selection – machine oil.

The seals made of rubber will need to be lubricated with silicone with substances – thus, the rubber (natural material) used in the production of windows will always remain elastic.

Cleanliness issues – channels and mosquito net

With a mosquito net, everything is very simple – it is better to remove it for the winter, and in the case of contamination, wash it easily quite easily, using a soap solution.

In each window there are channels designed to remove excess moisture – they will need to be constantly checked for the presence of dust or mud clusters inside. If the blockage appears, we quickly clean it.

Protective film and dirt on glass.

To protect the profile, the manufacturer sticks a protective film on the frame – immediately after installing the window it must be removed. Otherwise, when a certain period of time expires, it will be impossible to do this.

Mud is periodically formed on the glass – it is not washed with ordinary soap solution, it is possible to remove it only with special mixtures. All kinds of sharp objects are unacceptable – as well as granulo -containing powders.

Window slopes – even despite the fact that they are installed from the outside, right on the street, periodically wipe them from dust and dirt. Following all of the above, absolutely simple tips, you will be able to provide PVC windows with a magnificent appearance, protecting the room from noise and cold with these unique window systems.

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