Putty and adhesive mixtures

We immediately note that one of the most basic parameters of the quality of the surface that is processed is a distinctive absence of cracks, scratches and shells, as well as the presence of a smooth surface. Such defects after painting can be very clearly manifested, and therefore, before painting, the preliminary preparation procedure for staining should be used. For this procedure, special putty mixes are used, or just putty. This is translated from German, this means “shovel”. All modern construction putty that is produced today, these are building dry mixes, these are, in fact, multicomponent systems. At the heart of these dry mixtures, a binding substance is, as usual, it is a gypsum or cement, sometimes polymer modifiers are used. The presence of the second substance in the dry mixture is necessarily the presence – these are powdered radiant copolymers. It is possible in some cases the ability to use putty in which an exclusively connecting link and component is a redid polymer. In any case, this polymer is present due to the fact that adhesion processes should be ensured here regarding the base, as well as the formation of a special and strong structure after applying the layer. In such dry mixtures, the filler has a more subtle dispersion than, for example, in plaster. How the filler is mainly used by carbonate rocks, limestone, marble or very small sands. As for gypsum putty, the main advantage of such putty is the lack of shrinkage, and also cracks are not formed here. At the same time, it is worth noting that on the basis of gypsum, use on a gypsum basis putty should only be in rooms where dry.

As for adhesive mixtures, quite often recently for the performance of facade work, as well as when performing decoration and interior work, as well as when flooring, in modern construction, well -known and many familiar tile materials are increasingly used, which made of natural or ceramic stone. In this regard, adhesive mixtures similar to dry putty mixtures are the most popular type of dry building mixtures. Adhesive mixtures are mixtures for tile work, so to speak. The main convenience here is that such mixtures can be prepared in small proportions.

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