Preparing for vacation: what visa is needed for entry into France

If you managed to get a visa to France, you can freely go to any of the 24 countries included in the Schengen zone (for example, Spain, Germany, Italy or Greece). You can easily find a list of all countries on the Internet.

Tourists really like this fact – you can safely travel throughout Europe and not think about different visas. A visa to you, in this case, needs only one – Schengen

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Transit visa

The first thing you will be asked about is your goal of visiting France? If France you just cross to get to another country, then there is a special transit visa. It usually expires after 6 days. During this time, you must leave the country and continue your journey further.

Tourist visa to France for a short time

This is the most popular visa today. It is issued for 1 month or 2 months. Ideal for those who decided to spend their vacations in Europe and are not going to stay there for a long time.

Guest visa

If you have friends or relatives in France, you can issue yourself a guest visa by invitation. In addition, you can get an invitation to enter not only from a person, but also from a company organization. After you will need to assure a special ticket from the side that accepts you.

Use this visa most often for business trips.

Visa to France for a long time

The design of a visa to France for a long time has its own characteristics. A business visa is suitable for those people who often and long need to visit France. Therefore, in order to get such a visa, you will need to have certain documents indicating the need for your frequent visits. A visa for a long time is designed for 3 months without any restrictions.


This document allows you to visit France several times. Suitable for people who need to visit France regularly.

National Visa to France

If you want to work or study in France, then you need to issue a national visa. Relevant documents are attached (that you entered the university, got a job, etc.). The national visa allows you to calmly be in France for 5 years.

The price of the visa, of course, depends on its type and on the timing. The faster you want to get a visa, the more it will be more. Do everything in advance to save money.

Getting a visa to France is not very difficult.

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