Our wedding trip to Riga

Good day, dear readers. We just arrived with my husband from Riga, where we arranged a wedding trip for ourselves. The city left the best impressions and positive emotions about itself, though the locals here are not very welcoming to the Russians – they have their own insults regarding our people.

Having settled in the hotel, we immediately thought about how to have time in a few days to visit all the places that we planned. Therefore, they rented a car in Prague through Eavtoprokat, thanks to which we did not have to order a tourist bus with a guide. It is better to travel on your own, because this makes your trip free and more exciting.

Very impressed by the old city of Riga, which is very similar to the Prague Old Through. The old city in the Gothic style was built, radiating the medieval atmosphere – everywhere my favorite narrow streets, national souvenirs, legends, etc.D. In general, Riga herself is a modern and busy European city, with many foreign stores, a huge stream of cars and, of course, tourists. In many places on the street you can hear how they communicate in our language, because in Latvia there are many Russians, so it’s not scary to get lost here.

A little walking around the city and going to several museums, my beloved and I decided to have fun a little and went to the Lido entertainment center. Lido is built in the form of a huge hut, the size of which is so large that the building is included in the Guinness Book of Records. Going inside, we saw dishes made under the old days, placed in the recesses of the walls, wooden shops and tables, as well as decorative transparent elevators. It is very comfortable and romantic here – then we realized that we found a great place for a romantic dinner in our honeymoon. I liked the fact that the dishes here are cooked right with visitors.

Our wedding trip in the Sigulda Park-Reserve continued-this is such a Switzerland in Latvia. Here are the walls of the fortress preserved since the early Middle Ages, in which about 20 knights lived, the main purpose of which was to protect the building and collect duties from merchants passing through these places. Impressed the park with my hills, sculptures and endless expanses.

Nearby is a Turaid castle with the spring of the Turaid Rosa, so we also visited these attractions, although they did not enter our plans. If you believe the legend, then the one who is shaking in this spring will be transformed. I washed, but I see no result while I wait.

The museum of old Rigas Motormuiseis Museum of Old Cars is also worthy of any tourist – you will not find such a landmark in every city. Here we found Brezhnev’s car broken in 1980, which, according to the stories, was a furious racer and a car lover, as well as cars of Khrushchev, Stalin and Stirlitz. This museum is also used by owners of rare cars as a garage.

There is also a “water park” in Riga, but, unfortunately, we could not visit it.

A little later we went to the Luxurious State Art Museum. On the ground floor, we admired the works of artists of the 18-19 centuries, such as Malyavin, Bryullov, Aivazovsky and others. On the second work of more contemporary artists of the 20th century. Here you can also see the work of the director of the museum of Digna Chuykova – she has quite beautiful works standing attention.

In the same building, we found another entrance to the Korchma performed in the folk spirit, where we sown with a delicious hodgepodge, and then beer with various dishes for a living drink.

The most vivid attractions that I liked most of all, this is the Riga Castle, a powder tower, a Swedish gate, a Black -headed house, bastion hill and “three brothers”.

As souvenirs, my husband and I brought the most famous Latvian balms Rigas Melnais Balzams, the successful recipe for which has been saved since 1752, as well as Riga champagne.

In short, in Riga you won’t get bored – there is something to see and what to spend money on, while not regretting the costs.

Author: Ksenia Plyukhova

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