Not a greedy child

Not a greedy child

Usually we are used to listening from mothers that their babies aged 2 to 5 years, it is very difficult to be done by their toys to treat someone with candy-this is a whole problem, and more and more often their child proves: “This is mine!””. And psychologists believe that this is normal and characteristic of age. “And mine goes to kindergarten with two cars, returns, not a single one and ends not to find. And so every day, gives the toys to the right and left “. Yes, but very rarely, there are children who give their toys, all sweets from the New Year’s gift are distributed, in a word not at all greedy. What drives them? Maybe in this way they try to arrange peers towards themselves. What can be caused by this behavior and how to lead parents?

First you need to understand the motives that drive. Psychologists advise playing a fabulous game with the baby, similar to real events. Take your child’s favorite toy (bunny, bunch, pussy, doll) and start the story: “Once upon a time there was a bunch. He was a very kind bear cub and always treated everyone with sweets and distributed all his toys. But then one day sweets and all the toys are over by him “. And here ask the child: “What does Mishka have this moment? How to behave further?””. At this time, observe the reaction of the child that he will answer. If your baby says that Mishutka remains to sit alone, because no one wants to play with him, or you will see uncertainty, confusion on his face, then most likely your child is trying to arrange custicians in this way. You will have to use the following psychological technique, a fairy tale with a happy ending: “And now there is a lone bear along the path, and a forest gnome comes towards him. “Why are you so sad?”, Asks Mishutka dwarf. “I have no sweets or toys, and I am afraid that the guys will now play and be friends with me”. “Can’t you play just like that. Here you can play hide and seek with me “. They played hide and seek and catch up all day. And the next day. So Mishutka had a real friend “.

To lose such a fabulous plot, you will have to repeatedly, next time inventing new heroes, because at a time you can hardly reize your baby’s behavior. Moreover, familiar children are already used to this pleasure and use his weakness. Therefore, it is advisable for you to make new acquaintances, for example, in the courtyard on the playground, this will help him consolidate the new experience and make friends without gifts.

The reason for this behavior, maybe the following that somewhere and once he heard from you or from someone (grandmother, teacher) serving words: if you will not be greedy, you will not share with toys, no one to play with you will be. And at this moment the child decides that to win friends can only with the help of sweets and toys. It may also be that he “buys” the love that he lacks at home. Try to devote a little more attention to your baby than before. And the point is not only in the amount of time, but also as. Be sure to find time to play with him, discuss your day, just talk to him and even see the cartoon together. And during the conversation you can mention the following: “Dimochka, you have a network of friends, and they are friends with you because you have fun and interesting to play, you are a good friend. And mom and dad have many friends, and we give gifts only for the birthday and holidays. People are friends because they are interested in together “.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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