Multizonal air conditioning systems

We already wrote about how to choose air conditioning for air conditioning in the room. However, sometimes the installation of air conditioning in each room costs incredibly expensive and non -economic. Especially if there are large rooms and there are many of them – a large office building. In this case, multi -zone air conditioning systems are used.

As can be seen from the image, we will need several powerful cooling blocks that are extended out of the building, the refrigerant enters all rooms and through the internal blocks of the multisonal system, which are not distinguishable from ordinary air conditioners, cools the air along the general network of pipelines.

What are the pluses of this system?

– Saving money both at the time of installation and in operation – energy is spent less;

– Saving space;

– saving time for installation;

– maintaining optimal temperature in all rooms of the building;

– Each inner block is controlled by its remote control;

– It can work simultaneously in the cold mode, and the heating mode (different internal blocks);

– can be controlled by a computer;

– Height drop up to 90 m, maximum system length 500 m.

The convenience of the multisonal air conditioning system is also that if necessary, in the future, increase the air conditioning area (acquisition of an additional floor, for example), everything is easily connected to a single pipeline network and to an existing external cooling unit.

At the same time, the refrigerant automatically checks, a simpler diagnosis and more resistant to breakdowns-due to the presence of a two-compressor unit, even when one breakdown, the work continues in the same mode.

The external unit, like that of a conventional air conditioning system, can be fixed outside the building on the wall, on the roof or in the basement – where it is more convenient for you, safer (there is no access of third parties) and more economical.

Up to 80 internal blocks can be connected to one external block of KX6, and up to 22 to the external block of mini kx6.

Internal blocks are presented in three versions – wall, cassette and channel, including high -pressure channel.

The leader in the installation of climate technology, including multi-zone air conditioning systems, in Podolsk and part of the MO is the IS-S company that has been operating in this direction for more than 11 years. You can place an order and check the details by phone (495) 641-81-30 or in the IS-S store in Podolsk on the street. Lobacheva d. 13. They work in cities in the directions of the Kyiv, Warsaw, Minsk and Kaluga highway.

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