Multimodal transportation of oversized goods

Multimodal transportation of oversized goods is carried out under one agreement, when using several types of transport, ranging from sea and ending with automobile. Also, the chain includes loading and unloading work in different terminals, and, if necessary, overexposure of the cargo.

An overseas can be delivered by one type of transport, but, in most cases, it is necessary to use several types, especially when it comes to international transportation over long distances. Multimodal transportation of oversized goods consists of several stages. From the warehouse of the company that sends the cargo, it is delivered to the sea or river port, to the railway station or to the airport by road.

Then it is transported through the air, by water or on the ground to the destination. The final stage is the next transportation of cargo from the station, from the port or airport directly to the recipient. This is a rather complicated type of transportation where many nuances should be taken into account.

The characteristics of the oversized cargo, the location of the delivery point, the terms of transportation are taken into account, each type of transport is considered in terms of its pluses and minuses. The optimal combination should be formed, which will allow the recipient to quickly and effectively deliver the cargo from the sender, while the funds should be spent as little as possible.

Multimodal transportation of oversized goods is convenient when you need a long distance transportation. They are convenient in that one company organizes the entire process, which is responsible for the load, coordinates and controls its passage along the entire route.

She is responsible for all the risks that may occur during delivery and for the loader to be delivered on time. The great advantage of multimodal transportation is the fact that a single contract is drawn up, and not several, and with different transport companies.

Moreover, the number of overload points and vehicles involved in the process does not matter. Also, all vehicles are used as efficiently as possible, for each segment of the track, the type that is needed is selected.

So in this way the oversized load can be delivered to anywhere in the globe in a fairly short time. Therefore, this type of transportation is very relevant and invariably in demand.

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