Mosaic coating

For a long time, ceramic tiles were popular, since it has many useful properties, it can be installed in pools and saunas, bathrooms and other places. However, it has quite significant disadvantages, such as fragility and large sizes.

Therefore, at present, it is perfectly replaced by mosaics. The mosaic of Bizatsza, which produces mosaics, is particularly popular. The goods of this company are famous for high quality, however, its cost is very large. Bizatsza mosaic raw materials are small quartz sand of white color, which is mined in France.

Description of the article:

There is a mosaic, in the production process of which artificial adventurine is added, so that the final material acquires a golden and luxurious color.

Mosaic properties

The Bizacza mosaic is implemented only in specialized and expensive firms, since only experienced builders can correctly mount it, choose the right background, size and drawing. This mosaic is completely waterproof, has resistance to frost and heat. It is very durable, although it is created from glass.


It is especially important to use mosaic for facing modern fireplaces or furnaces, since it does not destroy and does not lose its attractive appearance even after repeated stay in an environment with a high temperature.

What to choose: glass or ceramic mosaic?

It is important to note that ceramics are a very fragile material, while glass has high strength and is not afraid of water. To mount ceramics, you need to purchase a regular cement mortar, and for glass you will need tools with latex.


Smalta is another type of mosaic that is intended to cover the floor. It has even greater strength, since it should withstand significant and regular loads.

For a beautiful and even surface, it is important to have work experience and know all the nuances, so it is best to entrust the cladding to specialists. It is important that all the seams are even, and everywhere there is the same distance between the tiles.

Thanks to the use of glue containing latex, the mosaic is securely fixed on any surface, but such glue should be applied extremely carefully.

Mosaic care is very simple – it is enough to wash it with ordinary water using absolutely any chemical, but it is better to abandon abrasive.

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