March 8. history of the holiday. Present

This holiday has long been considered the most “feminine”. On the 8th day of spring everything seems to bloom. Women dress up, the weather is warming, men congratulate their ladies. Everything seems to be saturated with tenderness and love. But few people know who we owe such a holiday.

There are 2 main versions of the history of its appearance:

The goddess Lucius.

Clara Cetkin.

The goddess Lucius

In ancient times, women worshiped the goddess Lucius – the wife of the Almighty Jupiter. It was believed that she patronized all the women of Rome, helping them find “female happiness”. The ladies turned to her for success in marriage, brought gifts before childbirth. For the goddess Lucius, a holiday was even specially allocated, considered her day. The date of Lucius’s Day fell on the first day of spring – March 1. The Romans put on their most beautiful outfits, decorated themselves with flowers and went to pray to the temple of their goddess. Men with understanding belonged to the holiday. They tried not only to free their faithful from work so that they could calmly celebrate Lucius’s Day, but personally congratulated the ladies. They gave gifts and looked after their beauties in every way. So the idea of ​​the existence of women’s day was born so that they could calmly pray to their gods.

Revolution Clara Cetkin

This version is not so divine, but no less significant for the female half of humanity. After all, March 8, 1857 in the United States, the manifestation of factory workers was held. Tired of the 16-hour working day for a meager salary, women demanded a salary equal to the male. Male labor at that time was paid more. In the same year, women finally achieved suffrage. At the International Women’s Conference in 1910, which took place in Germany, Clara Zetkin proposed this important date to make a female day. She urged women to unite in order to fight for their independence and equal rights with men. Her idea was supported in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, but they managed to celebrate it only a year later, and Russia after two. Later, in 1976, when the idea of ​​Clara Zetkin reached a large scale, the UN on March 8 officially recognized as International Women’s Day. It is safe to say that this date symbolizes not only the holiday of the weaker sex of mankind, but also the strong position of women with regard to the protection of their rights and respect for self -esteem.

How this day is celebrated in other countries

In Germany, March 8 is not a red day of the calendar. The Germans never took root the tradition of celebrating this holiday. They celebrate their mother’s day on a much biggest scope.

In Vietnam, women have been congratulated on this day for more than two thousand years. The history of March 8 takes back during their liberation war against Chinese aggression. Two girls, not wanting to be captured, bravely rushed into the river. Therefore, earlier on March 8, Vietnam was called the Day of Memory Chiling.

In Italy, a mimosa is a symbol of a female day. At the Council of Italian women, it was decided that it was this flower that would be connected from March 8. And now for the holiday the female half of Italy traditionally receives a bouquet of mimosa.

In France, as well as in Germany, they are indifferent to the March holiday, but they are widely celebrated by mother.

In Russia on this day it is customary to give women gifts. March 8 is considered a day off, so women can relax and celebrate their holiday, and men have time to congratulate all their women – mothers, wives, daughters, etc. D.

TOP 5 gifts for March 8

In the first place, of course, can not do without a beautiful bouquet. According to statistics, this is the most popular gift for women’s day.

In second place, it is easy to guess based on the main desire of women to be the most beautiful – this is cosmetics and perfumes.

The third place is occupied by gifts that are able to make the life of the beautiful half – household appliances and electronics.

In the fourth place, gifts that women like to decorate themselves are jewelry and clothes.

The last place is the sweetest and most cute gifts – chocolate and soft toys.

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