Making furniture for giving

A summer cottage is not only an opportunity to grow your vegetables and fruits, but also a resting place. On a beautiful hot day, I really want to sit comfortably in the shade. In order for everyone to have such an opportunity, you need to make suitable furniture with your own hands or visit the Embavud online store.

If you often visit your country site, it is more relevant to make stationary furniture, if less often, then folding furniture is best suited.

Types of furniture that can be done yourself

Before proceeding with the manufacture of furniture, it is important to determine the material that happens:

From wood – the most relevant material that is suitable for country style. For the manufacture of furniture, fiberboard, chipboard, solid rocks of trees (oak, maple, aspen, cherry, linden, etc. are used. D.);

Wicker – this type of furniture is one of the most popular, because it is not only environmentally friendly, but also easy to move. The best weaving materials are willow and a rogue from a rattan palm tree, bamboo. After the furniture is woven, it is important to cover it with varnish in order to increase the service life;

Plastic – thanks to the large number of plastic bottles, you can make a wonderful summer kit from the table, ottomans, sofa or armchairs. The manufacturing technology is very simple, and the mobility of furniture is at a high level;

Uap furniture – of course, is ideal for a summer residence, because it always resembles comfort and comfort. To create furniture with your own hands, you need high -quality foam, fiberboard and boards 15 cm wide, and 5 cm thick. Furniture is folded thanks to self -tapping screws.

Furniture repair

If your furniture is in a room with a wet climate for a long time, then sooner or later you will have to repair it.

In order for you to do this correctly, it is important to follow our instructions:

Remove a rotten piece of wood with a saw or a chisel, clean it from dust and dirt.

Select the necessary piece, preferably from the same tree breed. The piece should be a little longer and thicker.

Contact the patch for the right size.

Using glue on wood, glue the desired piece.

Now you only need to polish and paint with varnish.

If necessary, repairing furniture will not be huge costs, and even more so the number of time.

How you managed to make sure, there is nothing complicated in making furniture for a summer house from improvised means with your own hands. Moreover, you can choose a material that will decorate your cottage and give it more comfort and comfort.

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